Burn Baby Burn

Kat, Lola, and I took a little cruise to drop some items off at the Goodwill.

One of the ways I make this sound like the most fascinating road trip ever is that I put on our favorite music, blast it a little too loud, and we car dance.

It is my favorite thing in the world.

We have had some hilarious reactions over the years from people joining us at car lights, motioning us to roll down our windows at stop signs, and I remember one woman in particular asked if she could join us by a sign held up that she busily wrote with an ink pen while her light was red.

We were especially thrilled today because I found an old cd of favorites from a dear friend’s wedding last year. The girls know every song, every line by heart.

From the back, Kat yelled, “Number 7 mom, number 7!

I love this song named “Barbeque” by ALO. If you haven’t heard it before, it is a song that describes the painful details of dreams that end, of being transformed, and in the end, dreaming something new.

We were singing as loud as our little voices would go and I felt a deep sense of what I have lost, and my chin started to tremble with pure gratitude that I am dreaming again, new things, big things, and as I was thinking, I hear a little voice from the back seat.

Mom! My dream never came true about my tooth coming out!” and Lola with serious eyebrows said, “My dream was lost cause someone ate all my Easter candy!”

And then, the chorus came.

Welcome to my barbeque where we roasts all the dreams that never came true. Welcome to my barbeque, pig out and dream a new…

Kicking their feet to the seat with the beat, Kat says, “Mom, I’m dreaming something new. I’m going to be popular and have play dates and never worry about my tooth again!”

As always, in her best attempts to overshadow Kat, Lola started to tell me a very elaborate story of a horrible terrible thing involving a child getting hit but then being given a scooter.

We all got lost in the music after that and I felt the tears brim my eyes and I had a vision of the three of us lighting a pit, writing down all of our dreams lost, turning the music way up, rising from the ashes, dancing in a circle, and dreaming new.

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