The Power of Magic Kisses

I love going on rides with Kat and Lola, especially on days warm with the windows down. Willy joins us often, always laughing out the front window, while the music is planned in advance before we go, each one of us waiting turns for our favorites. Kat usually likes only pop, the bubble gum radio songs I can’t stand while Lola is all about her mood, varying from bluegrass to reggae to classic rock. Of course I seize my turn with my favorites as well, but the most beautiful sound in all the world are my two girls singing very badly to radio songs at the top of their lungs, usually with all the wrong words. I laugh out loud every single time.
On this particular day, yesterday in fact, the QT was our first stop where we jumped out, grabbed a drink and bubble tape, while Kat stared in amazement at all the high school kids in private school uniforms. She seemed hypnotized watching them flirt, honk their horns, get in and out of different cars of their own.
“Mom!” she pulled my shirt. “These girls are in High School Musical!”
She was so cute I almost kissed her right there. I decided to spare her the humiliation. Lola, on the other hand, found a red head picking out a drink, marched right up to her and got into a conversation about her gorgeous hair, if she knew princess Ariel had red hair, the girl giggling, telling them all about her school play about Princess Belle. Kat was triumphant because of course, Belle has brown hair.
We hopped back in the car, on our way to the post office, where I found my spot right up front, put the car in park, the music down, nervously fumbling through my papers to check and recheck they were all in order.
Kat asked, “Mom, what is that?”
I sighed. “This is all the things photography school needs to see if I can come to school there, Kitty.”
Her mouth formed a huge O, her eyes open as if she were having an epiphany.
“MOM! It’s like my test! I got a test for first grade to see if I can go to second. It made my tummy hurt, member?” She got more excited at her own realization.
“YOU are having a test to see if you can go to school like me, right mom?”
I put the final stamp on, turned back to her, and the look in my face must have prompted the next question.
“Are you scared mommy?” With this question, Lola put her toy down.
I answered yes, that I was scared, but that it was okay, either way. We would have a good cry and maybe some cuddle time if I didn’t make it, and if I did, we would celebrate with some ice cream. No matter what, it was all going to be just fine. I started to put the package in the slot, breathing deeply, satisfied my part had been done and nothing else was left for me to decide, control, or even worry.
“STOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!!” Lola screamed. It scared me and I jumped back, thinking a bee had stung her, my heart beating fast. She put her little pudgy fingers out and she said with dramatic force, “Mommy, please let me kiss it and put my special magic on it.”
I watched her close her eyes, kiss my envelope with dramatic Lola flair, hand it to Kat, who kissed it as well. Lola handed it then back to me and said, “Now, mom. Now you are ready for fotmograpee school.”
I felt the power of their love fill me, burning through my chest and into my heart, and I dropped that envelope with out a bit of fear or doubt, certain that no matter what the end result, magic kisses could heal anything.
“Mom,” Kat said, and she didn’t have to finish. I turned the music all the way up.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Magic Kisses

  1. I love this, Katie! It brought tears to my eyes! I’m the lucky one who has the opportunity to work with you as you pursue your creative career goals. It is YOUR passion, strength, talent and vision (and magic kisses!) that will take you where you need to go. It is a pleasure for me to help you, but it is YOU who has the desire and it was YOU who took the first steps. I’m so happy it’s ME who can witness the beginning of your journey. You’re amazing. It’s people like you who are an inspiration to me!

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