Origami Shout Outs

In my entire career of waiting tables, I don’t think I ever got a tip that made me smile quite like this.
There is nothing like being appreciated by a little girl who brings you something her daddy saves just for the special waitress. I was so glad I recommended the ribs and kept his Diet Coke full.
The heart was made by my favorite bus boy, who I gave a dollar and threatened his life because he had given one to Amber and not me.
He laughed and his neatly folded heart made my own melt.
It kind of makes me want to take up Origami.
I could give change back in the form of a steak or a neatly folded wet nap.
The woman who asked for only one piece of ice in her water demanded different bottles of Merlot because they had been “handled” poorly by our bartender.
What does that even mean?
Smelling her wine opened up her psychic abilities to suddenly see him stirring with his finger or popping the cork with his crotch? The third glass tasted a little bitter but at least it had been opened correctly. People are nuts.
I wonder if a neatly folded middle finger could be arranged? Hmmm. Just a thought.

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