Finding Rob Dyrdek, the Beginning.

Have you ever just woke up one day and discovered your purpose, and it lit you up inside, like fire, and you knew without a doubt what you would be doing to leave your mark on the world?
Me either.
But, this is pretty damn close.
It all started with baby bro, laughing his ass off from the living room. He and I have very sick and some would say have a twisted sense of humor as well as a love for learning so I usually trust his judgment on what kind of t.v. or nature show or documentary he is finding.
It is an art form, the stuff he finds.
I would only say this because I know without a doubt he does not read my blog so keep my adoration of him on a down low. But, when this all explodes, which it will, I know he will want official credit from the beginning. He kept telling me about this dude Rob, that I would love him, and I wasn’t jumping on it until Clyde was laughing so hard on the phone a couple of weeks, talking about this dude named Rob skateboarding over an alligator or something. I put the one with the two, told divorcee to put on a little Rob, and that is when the magic began.
Perhaps my path is marked like a yellow highlighter, and I heard the call, the voice of heaven opened up, or maybe I saw Mother Mary floating in my cheerio bowl, but the point is, a spiritual message has been delivered.
I am to meet Rob Dyrdek.
Who is he?
I don’t really know. I think his show with Big Black is so effin awesome, that he is probably a creative genius, but I like the Spirit of him, because his ideas aren’t like Jackass or anything I have really seen, and he seems to have a genuine beauty in his heart, a child like innocence, definitely crazy, and he makes me laugh my ass off.
So, I don’t really care about the professional skating, or the fact that he is an entrepreneur, or famous, and I know if I saw this on the travel channel and he was unheard of, it wouldn’t matter.
I am destined to meet at the LEAST, wait for it. Rob Dyrdek.
I announced this like Moses, bringing down the tablets off the Mountain, and just like many of the non believers in his day, as all great prophets experience, I was not really being heard.
That is when Kat and Lola became part of the process. We needed a plan, to brainstorm, and the fact is, he is famous now, which is going to make the path harder to endure, and I am going to have no choice but to look in my heart and find the faith, the belief, when all the judgments and doubters come, which trust me, they already have.
I can see it in their faces.
So, we are going to be making a video, no, a cinematic adventure, that will land on his door or in his hand, which he will watch and have no choice but hear the calling.
These are the challenges. First, finding him. Clyde got a google map and address, a lot like Big Black, going along with something I’m pretty sure he is humoring, but that is okay.
Not everyone can be a prophet.
We came up with a few ideas, like starting a face book page but I told the girls what we had wasn’t big enough. To get Rob to meet me, we had to outsmart him and make him laugh harder than we do at him, which meant we had to get into his head, find the genius and TOP it.
So, here begins our journey. I am going to blog the process, just so that you guys know I am now a filmmaker, director, screen writer, and that even all of you with mediocre goals like financial success and saving orphan kids and becoming surgeons wont lose hope. Finding Rob Dyrdek will not be easy. I think I need at least a video recorder.
But, it isn’t something I want, it is something I have to do, not really a dream, but a self fulfilling prophecy. When we do meet, I am not a fan. Lets get that straight. I am not in love, have his face printed on my ceiling, or am obsessed with anything the media says about him.
I will not ask him to sign my breasts or come home and make sweet love with me, but if that is a result, so be it. I think the ultimate moment will be my own, and I will not say nice to meet you, but rather, I will hug my long lost friend, congratulate him and say,
“Finally, Rob Dyrdek, you found me.”

So, day one has begun in my research. I thought this was pretty good, but definitely able to be topped. I am open to any suggestions, help, but can not pay extras with anything other than maybe a pony keg for the crew, which divorcee will probably have to fund. We all start somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Finding Rob Dyrdek, the Beginning.

  1. and im going to meet sarah mclachlan and we are going to fall madly in love with each other then run off to a secluded island together. its beautiful, intense, passionate, adventurous, risky, and destiny…….

  2. She would be a lucky girl. Maybe Operation Sarah is next…hmmm????

  3. I just sent him a post of this blog post via Twitter…Let the Rob hunt begin!!!

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