LIVE MUSIC “YOU TUBE” Late, Greats, and Faves.

Live Music?
The freakin best thing on the planet, better than any sex I have had, and brought me closer to God, at least the one I serve.
Who are my favorites? Who would I want to have seen that is dead? What live shows did I miss? Which have been my favorites I have seen? I have no idea because like Madonna says, “Music Brings The People Together,” unlike anything else, and it is the heart and soul of energy that connects us, a rhythm that plays all of our stories, experiences, and moves our heartbeats into one, like breathing. Isn’t that amazing? All from an instrument, and anyone knows a rip on a guitar that changes history is the ART of coming ALIVE, since that has been my YOU TUBE theme. Did I even come close to listing what I would have liked to been part of ? Not even close. Good God, there are too many to list. I feel somewhat upset that the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, and so many more I have literally no way of listing them all are not on here. I tried to be as broad as possible, but Indie is missing, Rap is hard to find LIVE, Bob Marley is not on here, and I am sorry Country fans, I know I did not represent. Maybe you should. If you have one you think is missed, or have a personal favorite below say so, or if not, add a link, and promise me if you were physically present at any of these shows below, you will shout out, just because I think it would be amazing to see what random people are connected, to me, through this crazy thing called technology, by music, official proof, we are indeed, all

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