Rob Dyrdek, My Other Half

I realized the other day that my own best friend does not understand what this Rob Dyrdek film is about, which makes me certain that you certainly do not. I need to break through some of your assumptions, for the sake of my own enterprise.
Main Misconceptions:
I am NOT in love nor am I an average obsessed fan of a celebrity. I am not even a skater, nor do I plan on becoming one. I do not want to stalk, become famous, or have Rob Dyrdek’s love child. Operation Rob is not a plan to get an autograph to put on a wall, or sell on ebay. I do not want bragging rights to meeting Rob, nor do I want a career in film. I hate having my picture taken, for God’s sake.
Now that you understand that much, let me explain something about myself. When I was a little girl, the greatest thrills of my life were over inventing and creating the impossible, gathering everyone in my sight to make that invention possible, seeing it happen, and counting the money after it happened. For instance, I decided we needed a neighborhood library. I collected every book I could find, convinced my best friend the most awesome idea in the world was to put K&N library stickers in every book of her house combined with mine, so we worked our little fingers off writing and carrying loads at a time down the hill, organizing rows and rows of books in my room.
Not one asshole brother of mine checked one book out.
But, I learned from it.
I decided to gather recipes, awesome ones, the best I could find, and convinced my best friend that what the neighborhood needed was a traveling dinner company, so she went door to door with me, and I showed them the possibilities, took their orders, collected the money.
The only problem was that I hadn’t asked my mom first, who refused, told me to take the money back.
No way.
So, I talked to her mom instead, much easier to negotiate, who loved my humor, so we named the company “Cookers Delight” and said we had to deliver the cakes, her mom went to the store, got the ingredients, stayed in the kitchen while I rolled on the ground with Pepper, the dog, until she had finished them just in time for our 3 day orders, and I remember to this day, one order of cookies were late, just one. A success, but not quite.
It was summertime, and it occurred to me, that parents needed a break from kids, and I needed a break from mine. I had big blue print plans of day camp, all booked with coloring activities and tables, snack breaks, and permission slips. I had fliers with cost options per child. Everything was ready but my mom said I wasn’t old enough to babysit myself, and no way was she going to be responsible for other kids. She said she had four of her own.
It didn’t stop me.
I decided we would color wood, and envelopes, my best friend, totally “Big Black” but blond and cute, probably 7, and easy to boss around. We sold them door to door, the profits were marginal, and I remember some people even gave us more than 10 cents per rainbow envelope. I made a note of that.
And then I saw, at 8, all those experiences had paved the way for “Charlie-O,” the syrup ice cream machine I talked my dad into buying, got her mom to get us the ice cream, plates, and materials for signs. Luck came with opportunity and the neighborhood flocked to us, all paying for ice cream sundae floats, and I will never forget the satisfaction of laying out all those dollars, stacking them in piles, counting them with my dad’s calculator.
The real truth is that I was born to make shit up.
If you were to look into my soul, I am Rob Dyrdek, but with breasts, and no penis.
I had forgotten my true self, saw him on television, and remembered he is everything I represent. I believe in HUGE dreams, calculated projects that everyone says impossible, for no financial reason or gain but to prove my point, that it may be absurd or ridiculous to YOU, but the fact is, I am going to go to school, learn enough to document a film, involve my children, community, and make a film where Rob sits back, sees his twin flame, an absurd genius, and in meeting me, will show that dreams and hard work become reality, when one is willing to believe.
The whole thing will be documented, by this blog, through all my projects, the filmed moment or photograph of Rob and I, not as a fan, but as his equal, his other half.
Best Recognize.
This is the U s of A.
Operation Rob is in effect.
I am going to have a hell of a lot of fun making it happen.
I appreciate all of your support, even the haters, because that makes victory that much more sweet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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