Peep Sushi


It’s that time of year again! Peep Sushi! The girls and I got rice krispie treats pre made because I’m more craftastic than I am a cook. Atleast that is what I gather Lola means when she yells, “My mom can’t cook because SHE is an artist,” at every Kindergarten function. Fruit rolls in the colors of green and red and if you see the ones that roll out into many colors, grab them instead.

Then you grab Peep in all the colors you wish and this is the important part.

Slowly let hours of precious time with your kids slip away as they run like hell through the house to delicately slice peep heads perfectly, rolling them up into rice krispies until you think you might shoot yourself.


If you have nothing to prove to family members who never ask but already know you got it at the QT with the beer ten minutes before, forget it. Admire, stumble, and move along.
For me, to watch people love and admire this little delicacy and make Lola and Kat smile, I kinda got what you cooking people must feel.

UNTIL I got home and saw the kitchen.
I did find a song with my name on it I quite loved, Lola always says if you have a song with your name you are fabulous. Until I realized she was passing a shot st Kat who doesn’t know a song called Kat. Sigh.

Happy Easter blog peeps.

One thought on “Peep Sushi

  1. Hey there! I am currently in Wisconsin and they had a Peep Shoe at the Art Museum and there was Peep Sushi there too! Can’t wait for u to see them!

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