This is a lovely inbox message I got from a fifth grade teacher…. Does he think I’m into Photography or Pornography? Disturbing…….I guess it would seem pretty odd, asking for a bikini shot/pic, but really, Nothing big. You do weird things to me…it’s something different for me to deal with. I know I’ve never even met you, but when I wake up in the middle of the night, sleeping on my stomach with a rod between me and the bed, and I ACTUALLY KNOW why I have the erection and WHO it’s from…and then have to do something about the erection so that I can sleep without pent-up energy making me shaky with uncontrollable throbbing — well, let’s just say my libido/sex drive (again, with me never even seeing you) is at full strength. I can’t clear my head here at school, and I end up thinking some thoughts that I’m just glad can’t be read on my forehead, b/c they would be SUPER-inappopriate for kids! I think I just asked for the new pic b/c if I can’t meet you in person, then I want to see you in picture form, you know?

So, yeah, I still want a picture, if that’s O.K. Totally up you……………

11 thoughts on “Douchebags

  1. Poor guy, but i can relate!!! God i wish it would only take me once to get to the point where i could sleep at night after thinking and dreaming of you! miss you!

  2. POOR GUY???? MISS ME… I’m sending all men with similar comments to the woman below, Melissa Brown hahahahahah……

  3. and here i innocently thought the world of wordpress was devoid of idiots and perverts, reserved for people who desire meaning, are creative and live positively – clearly that is not so. *dissapointed-sigh*

  4. I bet that guy hangs out at scrotum beach..and has a mustache. Send him my way, I’ll fix him up real nice with a fuck it bucket.

  5. My luck and you will fall in love. No, I have already decided the man who asked if I minded wheelchairs and if not, what other pet peeves I had was the one for you. He seemed polite and had a nice opening even though he spelled my name wrong. I told him my name being misspelled was my pet peeve LOL.

  6. Hahaha.. I’m not on match lol. I was for two days, when I was separated, and am way too ADD for keeping one man’s name straight. I found out men don’t READ the profile. Melissa on Match should be a reality show.

  7. hmmmm. I really should post my blog about all the reasons you DONT want to date me on plenty of fish and see what kind of blog gold turns up. So this guy is a blog reader? creepy.

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