I love this song.

I find it epic in the human experience, to being alive, to open the emotions of the scared teenager approaching a hot girl, the newly divorced mom at a bar for the first time since signing the papers. I see these moments in my life, in my girls, and it is heartbreaking, really.

When I found this song covered by two of my favorites, I decided to go on a “Creep” hunt, and I was blown away at the artists who have covered this song, from Prince to the unknown Homeless man in a radio room.

I put them all on a cd, fascinated by the originality of each artist, and captivated at Radiohead’s ability to bridge the gap of so many souls through music.
It is timeless.
It is the journey.

3 thoughts on “Creep

  1. Omg, this mans version is stunning. Filled with as much body, heart, soul and stripped of the all to common commercial effect that alot of covers seem watered down by. This is as rugged as it is beautiful, and beautifully refreshing. I LOVE IT. Awesome find Miss O. : )

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